Yellow Turban –
A Tale of Love,
Luxury and Grandeur

न किञ्चित् विद्यते द्रव्यं वशात् नानार्थ योगयोः

“There is nothing in this universe, which is non-medicinal, which cannot
be made use of for many purposes and by many modes.”

Discovering Love

A single cup of tea, with the right ingredients, has the exorbitant power to transport you to an ethereal realm where only peace and calm prevail. A few years ago, we discovered such exquisite vedic tea blends and were very keen on sharing this ethereal experience with everyone, and that’s how ‘Yellow Turban’ was born.

Spreading Love

Our first and foremost objective was to bridge the gap between tea blends of the highest quality standards and true tea connoisseurs. By doing so, we managed to add rich, exclusive flavors to their daily tea rituals and made them fall in love with the alluring aromas of our tea blends.

Nurturing Love

To nourish this relationship, we made sure that every sip of Yellow Turban tea provides a unique gentle jolt and stirs a range of emotions within you. Consequently, as Yellow Turban tea enters your system, you experience the noise around you subsiding and the mystical flavor calming you down and taking you deep within, closer to your inner self.

Preserving Love

While unique in their flavors and aromas, all our tea blends deliver the same refreshing dose of energy needed to start the day on a zestful note. We take sincere efforts to maintain the authenticity and richness of our exotic tea blends so that every tea-drinking experience of yours is amazing.

Pamper Your Soul With Sumptuous Tea Experiences

Measure and take an appropriate amount of the tea blend


Heat the water that you’ll be using to prepare the tea
Try to cool down the tea and protect your mouth from burning
Pour hot water over the tea and steep for 5-7 minutes
Your cup of healthy, flavorful tea is ready

We’d Love to Hear From You

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