Adding the Taste of
Elegance and Royalty to
Your Daily Tea Ritual 

Blends Worth Indulging In

A premium blend to delight your senses with exotic herbs and spices. Get this invigorating immunity elixir and reconnect with your inner self.

Masala Chai

Tantalize your taste buds with this heavenly tea concoction. The conjunction of two distinct aromas – Ginger and Cardamom produces a rich flavor palate that is oh-so-comforting.

Ginger Cardamom Chai

Savor a sip of opulence and grandeur with Cinnamon Chai – an exquisite tea blend that perfectly complements your special moments.

Cinnamon Chai

Awaken your senses and transcend to a utopian land with this aromatic masterpiece. Relish the purest sip of elegance with the Rose Green blend.

Rose Green Tea

Pamper Your Soul With Sumptuous Tea Experiences

The irresistibly flavorful Yellow Turban tea blends are made using premium Assam black tea with herbs and spices to take your tea-drinking experience up a notch. Revel in the splendor of our tea blends’ magnificent flavors, fragrances and richness. Let the divine aroma of our combinations soothe your soul and help you lose yourself to the delectable taste of Yellow Turban tea blends.

Pamper Your Soul With Sumptuous Tea Experiences

Measure and take an appropriate amount of the tea blend


Heat the water that you’ll be using to prepare the tea
Try to cool down the tea and protect your mouth from burning
Pour hot water over the tea and steep for 5-7 minutes
Your cup of healthy, flavorful tea is ready

For True Tea Connoisseurs

Yellow Turban tea blends are prepared with immense passion using ancient Vedic wisdom, India’s finest black tea and premium quality herbs and spices. This is a combination that only real ‘chai’ lovers value and cherish. Each of our blends is meticulously crafted to offer an impeccable taste and complex notes, which is perfect for sophisticated tea drinkers and chai connoisseurs.

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